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List. At least 4 countries have largest forest cover
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Russia has the largest forest cover in the world with over 8,151,356 square kilometre which is 1/4 of the world’s reserves of wood. Forests of Russia represents 45% of the total area of the country and it includes mainly coniferous tree species (pine, spruce, larch, cedar). With more than 20% of the world’s untouched forests are in the Russian Federation and the cover is increased in the country since 1990.

The forest fund of Russia is divided into four parts, first is Waterproof reserve or recreational forests where only sanitary felling of trees carried out in order to improve the overall condition of the forest. Second is Forest areas where selective cutting is allowed but it should not affect the volume growth for the year. The third is, Operating forests which can be used for clear-cutting and the last one is the Timber industry.

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