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What is the major reasons Europe came to Africa?
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2 Answers

Raw materials like rubber, timber, diamonds, and gold were found in Africa. Europeans also wanted to protect trade routes. During the 1800s, Europeans moved further into the continent in search of raw materials and places to build successful colonies.
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some of the major reasons why the Europeans travelled to Africa:

  • The zeal to discover more – one of the major reasons the Europeans came to Africa was because they wanted to discover other parts of the world. The Europeans knew that there were other places in the world besides Europe. Armed with this knowledge and the burning desire to see these places, they began sailing into the unknown and eventually found their way to Africa.
  • Evangelism – it is common knowledge that many African countries embraced the Christian religion as a result of the coming of the Europeans. In the olden days, the Christian religion was absent in Africa. Many Africans had never even heard of the name Jesus Christ let alone a religion called Christianity. Many believed in the Traditional African Religion where they worshiped smaller gods and poured libations to these lesser gods. The European missionaries knew of this, and in accordance with the principles of the Bible which encourages Christians to go out and win souls for Christ, the European missionaries decided to do just that. They came to Africa in order to spread Christianity to the African people who embraced the religion with great eagerness. Today the Christian religion is the biggest religion in Africa.
  • Trade – the Europeans came to Africa because they wanted to engage in trade with the people of Africa. You see, Africa is a continent that has since time immemorial been blessed with so many natural resources such as gold, cocoa, bauxite, and what have you. The Europeans knew of how rich the African continent was in terms of natural resources and therefore decided to start trading with the people of the continent. They would buy things like salt, gold and cocoa and sell to the people of Africa things such as guns, gun-powder and clothing. Soon the trade took a wrong turn and the Europeans began the slave trade – trading in human beings. They bought slaves from many parts of Africa – especially western Africa and took them outside the continent of Africa to work.
  • To spread western education – another reason the Europeans came to the African continent was to spread western education or formal education. In doing so, they were able to teach the people of Africa how to read and write. They established several schools and colleges in the African continent and even developed the various languages spoken by the people of Africa by putting these languages into writing.

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