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How to Report a User via Group or Channel or Email on Telegram ?

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The first way to report a Telegram user is via group. If someone is flooding the group with spam messages and it starts to annoy you, simply report them to the abuse team. Built-in report button is available in the group profile so you can work from it.

Do these steps to report someone via Telegram group:

  • Open Telegram app on your smartphone.
  • Open Group Chat or Channel that has the person you wish to report. 
  • Tap on the name of the person you want to report in the chat group or channel, then choose Report option

Tap on the name of the person

  • Tap the reason why you want to report, for example you select spam. If you another reason, you can choose Other, and write your reason.

Tap the reason why you want to report

  • Tap the tick icon in the top-right corner.

Once the report is sent, the moderator team will review the report and make a decision. If that person deserves it, the moderator will limit the reported account.

How to Report Someone on Telegram via Email

You can report someone via mobile device or desktop. However, reporting in the app version doesn’t come easy. Telegram doesn’t have built-in report feature for individual user, which means you’ll have to find search the username and open their profile.

As there’s no report button on the profile, you can proceed to send the report via email. Here’s how to report someone on Telegram via email:

  • Launch Telegram app on your mobile device.
  • On the chat list, tap the chat with a user you wish to report.
  • Next, open their profile by tapping on their profile picture.
  • Once opened, find their username or phone number. Tap and hold on it to open a pop-up menu.
  • You’ll find Copy option. Tap on it.
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