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How do I transfer a domain name from one hosting site to another?
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1 Answer

For transferring a domain, you have to follow some specific steps. Many consider this a hectic process but trust me to follow the instructions correctly and efficiently move your domain to another host.

Before describing the steps, I make two factors clear for you before transferring a domain:

For ccTLDs domains, requirements are different in transferring a domain.
In case your domain has expired, and you’ve renewed it already with your current registrar, wait 45 days from the previous expiry date before transferring since it will not add one more year to your domain name. You will lose out on the renewal fees paid to the old registrar.
Steps to transfer a domain:

Verify that the domain name is eligible for transfer according to ICANN’s policy of 60 days rule. As per the rule, your domain has been with your current Registrar for at least 60 days.
Remove your Domain Lock & get the authorization code. It is a straightforward process in which you have to sign into the current registrar platform & look for the disable option. After that, look for an authorization code option that allows you to get code on the registered email to provide it to the new registrar.
Make a transfer with a new host by visiting their dashboard where there is an option of transferring the domain. They will ask for the domain name & authorization code that you already got from the old registrar.
Verify the transfer properly & confirm it.
Hope this helps!
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