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Who offer the best Project Management training and certification in the world?
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Best online project management certificate programs

Here are seven of the top online project management programs, including certificate programs and PMP exam preparation programs, in addition to some pointers for selecting the best course to meet your needs:

1. Colorado State University's M.S. in Project Management

The online master's program in project management at Colorado State University (CSU) is an asynchronous option with a mid-level cost for professionals seeking certification through a degree program from an accredited university or college. CSU's 36-credit program, which prepares students to take the PMP certification exam, offers the opportunity for specialization in numerous fields, ranging from healthcare administration to criminal justice leadership.

2. eCornell's Project Management Certificate Program

Cornell University's online Project Management Certificate Program is a hands-on, instructor-led course with small class sizes (typically less than 35 students). This means that, as a student, you can receive individualized attention from your course instructor, which is unique among online certification programs because they are typically asynchronous and self-guided.

As a whole, this 50-hour program seeks to prepare students for both tangible project management work experiences and the PMP certification exam. While Cornell's program is a little pricier than some alternatives on this list, the interaction and engaged learning experiences that come from having a smaller class size are extremely beneficial.

3. Simplilearn's PMP Certification Training Course

Simplilearn, unlike some traditional project management certificate programs, is a fully-online platform that provides a highly intensive preparation course for the PMP certification exam. Simplilearn's curriculum calls upon the expertise of real-life project managers who have experience working in the field. With a combination of live online classes and self-guided materials, Simplilearn presents a hybrid option for independent learners who have a desire to interface with peers and instructors. This affordable program offers 90 days of flexible access to classes, which is ideal for full-time professionals.

4. Brain Sensei's PMP Exam Prep Course

Brain Sensei is currently one of the most highly recommended online PMP certificate courses. Like Simplilearn, Brain Sensei's e-learning program is a training course that mainly focuses on helping professionals get ready to pass their PMP certificate exams. Brain Sensei offers this training at a lower rate than some other platforms.

Rather than helping professionals achieve an additional degree, Brain Sensei's program provides learners with nine multi-assessment modules and over 800 practice exam questions over the span of six months. This type of exam prep course is most suitable for experienced professionals looking to advance their careers while working.

5. Coursera's Applied Project Management Certificate Program

Coursera offers the Applied Project Management Certificate Program through the University of California, Irvine. The six-month program is divided into four different modules that cover a variety of project management topics, such as interfacing with stakeholders, delegating tasks and forming excellent communication plans. Even further, students will gain experience with Scrum and Agile project management techniques.

As a platform, Coursera offers members the additional benefit of accessing a plethora of supplemental prerecorded lectures uploaded by companies and schools worldwide. This program is designed for current project managers with three to five years of professional experience, and it satisfies the education requirements you need to take the PMP certification exam.

6. Pace University's Practical Project Management Certificate Program

Pace University's two-week Practical Project Management Certificate Program is an excellent short-term option for professionals of all levels. The course seeks to cover the fundamentals of project management, including effective tools and methodologies proven for success.

By establishing a foundation of project management skills, students in Pace's program graduate with the competency to oversee a project from start to finish. While Pace's program does not explicitly set out to prepare learners for the PMP certification exam or others, it offers a broad focus suitable for many fields.

7. Alison's Diploma in Project Management Program

Alison is a highly accessible, free learning platform that offers over 1,000 online courses. Their Diploma in Project Management Program, which you can complete in 10 hours, is a useful option for professionals who are just starting out in the project management field. Alison helps learners apply project management theories and skills to real-world situations they may encounter in their careers.

Alison's course is shorter and isn't designed to help prep for the PMP certification exam, but it is a worthwhile venture for professionals looking to learn about best practices. Alison's program is particularly useful in establishing student knowledge of specific methodologies, such as Scrum and Agile, and tools, such as Gantt charts.

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